What is BMC®anyway?

Body-Mind Centering® is an approach to well-being and wholeness that empowers those who practice it with information about how the body-mind works.  The approach faithfully lends itself to meeting the body and mind as if they are the same thing, not simply related.  It's an experiential approach –a systemless system– that offers infinite ways to engage with, communicate with, feel, listen to, and respond to what's happening in the body-mind from a personal and intimate place of connection to self and other. 

For a person who is curious about their inner life (physical, emotional & mental) and how it's embodied and expressed, the BMC approach offers as many applications as one can fathom to meet, explore and enliven or rejuvenate themself.  The practices of BMC® are born from the felt sense of the cells, the tone, the truth, the reality of what's presenting in the moment.  Meeting oneself where they are at, openly and with curiosity.

The School of Body-Mind Centering® was founded by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen in 1973.  It's an international school offering classes, intensives, and programs for fun, learning, fitness, or training to become a Somatic Movement Educator, Infant Developmental Movement Educator, a BMC® Pratitioner, or a BMC® Teacher.

What BMC® means to me...

My studies and applications of BMC® have brought to life what my long-time studies in Yoga and Dharma

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