These classes offer a wide variety of styles and movement techniques all in the vein of connection with self, inquiry into what's happening, how it feels, choice making, and the somatic/psychic response.  Yoga in it's full meaning, basically!  The sequences are different every time and will focus on various body parts or movement theories.  We will always start out soft, slow & gentle, and build on the theme to bigger, more complex shapes.  The choice to stay with the softer, gentler expressions is offered every time, repeatedly.  My intention for these classes is to impart an anatomical or physiological lesson, tie it into a spiritual inquiry, refresh and restore the body-mind while building strength and integrity to sustain us.


The language of Taoism gives us the concepts of Yin & Yang.  The yin qualities, being all about low, quiet, still, cool, and undoing, absolutely define the practice of asana named after it!  In Yin Yoga we stay in shapes for several minutes (3 to 5, or 10!), and work with sensation, breath, mindfulness, dharma teachings, and meditation.  We may start with and/or pepper in some soft somatical movements in a yin-kind-of way as well.  Each class is different and often taught through the lens of Oriental Medicine and the acupuncture/acupressure meridian lines that run through the body connecting to the internal organs.  Breathwork is always a potent part of this style of practice.


Somatic movement is the practice of coming into an embodied experience of movement–all movement...movement of breath, bones, muscles, internal organs, fluids, and the body-mind as a whole.  So what does "embodied" mean?  In the words of the woman who gave rise to the (now very popular) use of the word, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, "Embodiment is the cells' awareness of themselves.  It is a direct experience; there are no intermediary steps or translations. There is only the fully known consciousness of the experienced moment initiated from the cells themselves."  We do all kinds of movement in this class, including (but so not limited to) classic yogasana.  This work leaves me feeling settled, easy, and fully integrated, EVERY TIME.


These classes, like the Soft & Strong, offer a multiplicity of techniques that culminate in, what is in my opinion, the ultimate experience of yoga–knowing one's self and wholeheartedly meeting each moment with that sensitive, integrated, authentic self.  These classes being 90 minutes allow time for discussion of a spiritual teaching, chanting, pranayama, and a full spectrum asana practice that includes soft, easy technique work as well as strong and sometimes complex poses.  The option is ALWAYS there to stay where you are, go back and repeat, modify, plunge ahead, or totally do your own thing.   Additionally, I embrace the idea of "advanced" practice as NOT synonymous with big, complex, circus-style, pretzel postures.  I define "advanced" as one having the experience, sensitivity, and interoception to know their limits and preferences, allowing for their own agency in choices to stay safe and comfortable in the practice.