Fridays 9a Eastern



program with The School of Body-Mind Centering™

offered by Sonder (a licensed org of BMC™)

I'm in the program and it's beyond anything I could have anticipated.  The experience of studying Body-Mind Centering® includes all learning styles–visual, auditory, kinesthetic, touch, movement, and more.  It's like Montessori school for adults!  I've come to inhabit my somatic field, my body, as my play-gound as well as a research center.  It's exhilarating.  

Once complete with the training I'll be an official Somatic Movement Educator...whatever that means.  There are several "schools' of somatic studies.  While Thomas Hanna's organization took legal claim of the word "Somatics," there are MANY, MANY schools and even more techniques for what we are putting to a word that simply means "body" or "body related".  One could say that when are we not doing somatics or when are not being somatical we have passed beyond the veil!!  Additionally "Soma" is a much older word that has much bigger implication than working with the body in movement. 

The somatic approach of The School of Body-Mind Centering™ is something I have to write about for homework.  For me, right now, I'm describing the BMC™ approach to somatics as a way into the body's field of perception and equilibrium, offering concentration and deep penetration into the body via tactile/touch, or feeling of something from within, or via the mind of something, or the actual biological information about something.   Best when all aspects can merge and support one's experience of presence, movement, and vitality.  The body and mind are two words we use to talk in two different ways about the same thing.  After a somatic class inspired by the work of BMC™ I feel contented and seamlessly settled into myself physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It's rather sublime.