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I practice and teach many styles of yoga. I feel one must vary technique in practice to prevent falling into a rut. My classes always have a philosophical theme, and I usually offer a bit of chanting and a devotional component. As for the physical practice, I work slowly and sequentially, often focusing on a body part or type of movement, or working towards a peak pose.  I am well studied in classical Iyengar alignment, and teach from the place where precision meets passion. I know from experience that the ability to tweak the position of a muscle or bone "just so" allows more space, thus growth and ultimately freedom in one's body, mind and heart. This also personalizes the practice for each person. Presently, I am teaching weekly classes on-line using the Zoom platform,at least until pandemic is over and yoga studios resume their normal offerings.


One-on-one sessions are where the magic happens. Exclusive attention from an experienced teacher can make for incredibly potent discoveries and progress in practice. People book private sessions for a multitude of reasons. Some have an injury or illness and seek a therapeutic approach to yoga to support their healing. Yoga Therapy is an emerging field which uses the techniques of yoga practice to support healing and foster physical and emotional balance and health. Some have questions about yoga practice in general.  Some seek support for mastering a specific asana. Some book privates because they feel more comforatble working one on one than in group classes.  Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner giving yourself the gift of undivided attention from a teacher will allow you to maximize the benefit you receive from the time you invest.

200 & 300 HOUR

I offer Yoga Alliance accredited yoga teacher training programs in the greater New England area and nationally.  Having practiced since 1989 and taught since 1999, I have a wealth of experience to draw from when mentoring aspiring teachers. The programs I offer far exceed the standards set by Yoga Alliance. I incorporate many different techniques and cross-pollinate from many styles of practice, with in-depth study of asana, anatomy, meditation, hands on cues, sequencing, wisdom teachings, anatomy, and much more.  My 200 hour program is among the most comprehensive in the area, covering all the fundamentals of yoga instruction while offering tools to help teachers find their own voice.  In my 300 hour training, I use the 5 element theory as the foundation and focus on making the practice more personal–in the interest of working one on one with private clients.  We also delve deeper into tantric philosophy and practices.



Sliding fee for all my live classes, pay what you can.


(Knowing many are under or unemployed presently,

please pay what you can.  If you can pay more, that helps too.)

Scholarships for BIPOC! Please inquire.


Monday 9a - Softer Than Strong, 75 mins

Monday 5p - Yin & Somatics, 45 mins

virtual via Providence Power Yoga

pre-register & no sliding scale

Tuesday 4:30p - Yin & Pranayama 60, mins

Wednesday 9:15a - Stronger Than Soft, 75 mins

(on line & in studio!)

Friday 9a - Somatics, 60 mins

Saturday 9:15a - Advanced Vinyasa 75 mins

(on line & in studio!)


All class times are Eastern Time

Pick a Day

Book your own weekly small-group class

Online or at my home studio or outdoor deck - Spencer, MA



in Massachusetts & Rhode Island

around the US and abroad



Offering classes & events in New England and around.

Tel: 402-707-3407

Thanks for reaching out.  I'll be in touch pronto!

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