good karma

Paying homage to one's teachers in the Yoga tradition is a way of humbly showing gratitude for the gift of the teachings. Receiving guidance and lessons from my gurus is an invaluable gift for which I am eternally grateful. I only hope I can serve as well as I have been served by the thousands of teachers who have come before me. I take refuge in the Teachers, the Teachings, and all the Practitioners on this path. And I'd like to offer an especially deep bow to these teachers I've encountered on the path:

Tias Little
Sarah Powers
Amy Matthews
Patricia Walden
Peentz Dubble
Patty Townsend
Scott Blossom
Rolf Gates

For the talent behind the teacher, deepest gratitude to Juliane and Mike Bautista for their amazing web design, Andrew J. Baran for his keen photographic eye and to Jason Hardy for the original design and logo. Thanks for making me look good.

I sincerely hope that "what comes to me as seed, goes on as flower, and what comes to me as flower, goes on as fruit."
-Mary Oliver